The gear collection

More than 520 pieces of gear are available in vRigger. You'll find ascenders and anchors, bolts and brake bars, carabiners and chairlifts, edge protectors and eyes, figure 8s and fire engines, Grillons and Grigris, I'Ds and ice screws, lampposts and loads—you get the idea. And if vRigger doesn't have the gear you need, you can add the gear to vRigger yourself or request that it is added to a future version of vRigger.

vRigger includes 365 pieces of rigging gear. You can purchase 160 additional items for industrial, rope access, and theatrical rigging for only $69.95. Learn about this additional gear.

Illustrations Created by vRigger Customers

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This list shows the 525 items that are available in vRigger.
(Items with asterisks are in the optional industry gear kit.)

"T" Connector (hose)*

"X" Connector (hose)*

"Y" Connector (hose)*

540 Rescue Belay

A-Frame (Vortex)

Absorbica (Petzl)*

Aerial Hoop (double)*

Aerial Hoop (double, man)*

Aerial Hoop (double, woman)*

Aerial Hoop (single)*

Aerial Hoop (single, man)*

Aerial Hoop (single, woman)*

Alpine Brake Tube


Anchor (2D, blue)

Anchor (2D, red)

Anchor (2D, tan)

Anchor (3D, blue)

Anchor (3D, red)

Anchor (3D, tan)

Anchor (bolt)*

Anchor (circle)

Anchor (gray)

Anchor (hatch, circle)

Anchor (hatch, square)

Anchor (man)

Anchor (roof, CMC)

Anchor (shackle)*

Anchor (ship's, blue)

Anchor (ship's, red)

Anchor (ship's, tan)

Anchor (symbol)

Anchor (tensionless)

Arrow (black)

Arrow (customizable)

Arrow (gray)

Arrow (motion)

Arrow (red)

ASAP (Petzl, older)*

ASAP (Petzl, w/biner)*

ASAP (Petzl, wo/biner)*

ASAP Lock (Petzl)*

ASAP'Sorber 20 (Petzl)*

ASAP'Sorber 40 (Petzl)*

ASAP'Sorber Axess (Petzl)*

Ascender (Croll)

Ascender (Gibbs)

Ascender (ISC/Troll)

Ascender (left, old)

Ascender (Petzl Ascentree)*

Ascender (Petzl Basic)

Ascender (Petzl, left)

Ascender (Petzl, right)

Ascender (right, old)

Ascender (Tibloc)

Ascender (Tibloc, original)


ATC (Guide, braking)

ATC (Guide, locking)



Basket (Rescue 1)

Belay Stop (SRTE)*

Bolt (glue-in)

Bolt (hanger)

Born Entry-Ease

Brake Bar (5 bar)

Brake Bar (6 bar)

Brake Bar (BMS)

Brake Bar (CMC)

Brake Bar (CMI Firefly)

Brake Bar (SMC)

Brake Bar (SMC, twisted)

Cam (BD #3)

Carabiner (Austri A-Oval 3-lock)

Carabiner (Austri A-Oval XL 3-lock)

Carabiner (Austri A-Oval XL s-lock)

Carabiner (Austri HMS 2-lock, black)

Carabiner (Austri HMS s-lock, black)

Carabiner (Austri Micro Inox 3-lock)

Carabiner (Austri Micro s-lock, black)

Carabiner (Austri S-Oval 3-lock)

Carabiner (BD Hotwire)

Carabiner (BD Quicksilver)

Carabiner (BD Quicksilver, bent)

Carabiner (CMC blue)

Carabiner (CMC Pro red)

Carabiner (CMC Pro silver)

Carabiner (CMC red)

Carabiner (DMM Ultra O Locksafe)

Carabiner (Exotica Assault Stainless auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica Assault Stainless screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica Lanyard, bronze)*

Carabiner (Exotica Pirate auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica Pirate Orka-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica Pirate screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD BiWire)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD no-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD Orka-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD Stainless auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockD Stainless screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockO auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockO no-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockO Orka-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockO screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockSteel auto-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica rockSteel screw-lock)

Carabiner (Exotica SwivaBiner auto-lock)*

Carabiner (Exotica SwivaEye)*

Carabiner (Exotica Wireeye)*

Carabiner (generic, edge-view)

Carabiner (generic, locking)

Carabiner (generic, open)

Carabiner (generic, oval)

Carabiner (generic, wrapped)

Carabiner (ISC Offset Oval)

Carabiner (Omega Jake)

Carabiner (Omega Jake, old)

Carabiner (Omega OPL6)

Carabiner (Omega OPO6)

Carabiner (Petzl Freino)

Carabiner (Petzl gold)

Carabiner (Petzl Kador)

Carabiner (Petzl OK screw-lock)

Carabiner (Petzl OK Triact-lock)

Carabiner (Petzl Rollclip A)*

Carabiner (Petzl Rollclip Z)*

Carabiner (Petzl Spirit)

Carabiner (Petzl Vulcan)

Chain (end)


Chain (rigid)


Chairlift (chair)*


Cloud Swing (woman)*

Clutch (11mm, braking)*

Clutch (11mm, braking, edge-view)*

Clutch (11mm, ratcheting)*

Clutch (11mm, ratcheting, edge-view)*

Clutch (13mm, braking)*

Clutch (13mm, braking, edge-view)*

Clutch (13mm, ratcheting)*

Clutch (13mm, ratcheting, edge-view)*

Crane (bar)*

Crane (flange)*

Crane (ring)*


Derope (Tractel)*

DEUS 3000*

Dog (harness, CMC)

Duck (S.Tec)*

Edge Pro (CMC Ultra-Pro)

Edge Roller (SMC)

Edge Roller (SMC, roof)

Eye (Aztek)

Eye (rope)*

Eye (socket, side)*

Eye (splice, large)*

Eye (splice, small)*

Eye (webbing)

Figure 8 (basic)

Figure 8 (CMC Rescue)

Figure 8 (Exotica MicroEight)

Figure 8 (Exotica MiniEight)

Figure 8 (Exotica RescueEight)

Figure 8 (Exotica Totem)

Figure 8 (Rescue)

Fire (engine)

Fire (rescue)

Fire Engine (top view)*

Fire Hydrant (red)*

Firefighter (top view)*

Firefighter w/Nozzle (top view)*



Foot loop

Goblin (CAMP)*


Grigri 2


Hairhang (woman)*

Hand (black)

Hand (gloved, back)

Hand (gloved, front)

Hand (releasing)

Hand (ungloved)

Handle (LokHead, front)*

Hands (tandem Prusiks)

Harness (full)

Harness (sit)

Helicopter (MCA, 1)

Helicopter (MCA, 2)

Helicopter (MCA, 3)

Helicopter (USCG)

Hoist (chain, electric)*

Hoist (Harrington lever)*

Hoist (Harrington)*

Hook (CMC Flash)

Hook (Comealong 4T)*

Hook (Eashook Open)*

Hook (helicopter, Agusta A109)

Hook (helicopter, Oryx)

Hook (MGO Open 110)*

Hook (MGO Open)*

Hook (MGO)*

Hook (Pelican quick-release)*

Hook (slip, clevis)*

Hook (slip, eye)*

Hook (slip, hoist)*

Hook (Stagemaker)*


I'D (Petzl)

I'D L (Petzl)

I'D S (Petzl)

I-Beam (3D)

I-Beam (eye)*

I-Beam (side)*

Ice Screw (Grivel)

Ice Screw (Petzl)

Kayak (side)

Kayak (top)


Knife (Petzl)

Knife (Spyderco)

Knot (bowline)

Knot (butterfly, adjustable)

Knot (butterfly, bent)

Knot (butterfly, straight)

Knot (clove hitch)

Knot (F8 bend)

Knot (F8 inline)

Knot (F8 long)

Knot (F8 medium)

Knot (F8 multi-loop)

Knot (F8 power)

Knot (F8 short)

Knot (F8 skeleton)

Knot (F8 two loop)

Knot (Fisherman's bend)

Knot (Fisherman's, double)

Knot (Fisherman's, triple)

Knot (Munter)

Knot (overhand bight, adjusts)

Knot (overhand bight, medium)

Knot (overhand bight, webbing)

Knot (overhand, multi-strand)

Knot (overhand, safety)

Knot (overhand, webbing, adjusts)

Knot (water)

Lamp Post

Lifeline (hook)*

Lifeline (housing)*

Link (pear)*

Link (Petzl Demi)*

Link (Petzl Oval)

Link (screw)*

Link (tri)

Litter (Ferno, H)

Litter (Ferno, H, highline)

Litter (Ferno, H, w/patient)

Litter (Ferno, H, w/spider)

Litter (Ferno, V)

Litter (Ferno, V, w/patient)

Litter (low-angle lower)

Litter (low-angle raise)

Litter (tended, back)

Litter (tended, diagonal)

Litter (wire, H)

Litter (wire, H, w/patient)

Litter (wire, V)

Litter (wire, V, w/patient)

Load (ball, blank)

Load (ball, eye)

Load (ball, labeled)

Load (blue)

Load (gray)

Load (red)

Load (tan)

Load Cell (CMC Enforcer)

Load Cell (generic)

Load Release (adjusts)

Load Release (radium)

Load Release (rope)

Load Release (strap)

Locker (Singing Rock)*

Log Tongs*

Logo (Iterum)

Logo (MRA)

Maestro L (Petzl, braking)*

Maestro L (Petzl, ratcheting)*

Maestro S (Petzl, braking)*

Maestro S (Petzl, ratcheting)*

Man (belaying 1)

Man (belaying 2)

Man (belaying 3)

Man (bottom belay)

Man (climbing 1)

Man (climbing 2)

Man (climbing 3)

Man (falling 1)

Man (falling 2)

Man (falling 3)

Man (hanging 1)

Man (hanging 2)

Man (pulling 1)

Man (pulling 2)

Man (pulling 3)

Man (rappel 1)

Man (rappel 2)

Man (rappel 3)

Man (rappel 4)

Man (rappel 5)

Man (rappel 6)

Man (rappel autoblock)

Man (released)

Man (silhouette, blue)

Man (silhouette, green)

Man (silhouette, orange)

Man (silhouette, red)

Man (tending 1)

Man (tending 2)

Man (tending Prusiks)

Man (top view, blue)

Man (top view, red)

Man Tac (belaying)*

Man Tac (down)*

Man Tac (falling)*

Man Tac (rappel 1)*

Man Tac (rappel 2)*


Manhole (cover)

Micro Traxion (Petzl)*

Motor (load)*

MPD (CMC, 11mm, braking)

MPD (CMC, 11mm, ratcheting)

MPD (CMC, 13mm, braking)

MPD (CMC, 13mm, ratcheting)

MPD (CMC, braking)

MPD (CMC, ratcheting)

Not Sign

Nozzle (fog)*

Nozzle (smooth bore)*

Nut (Metolius)


Picket (single)

Picket (snow)

Pickets (holdfast)

Pickoff (CMC)

Pickoff (CMC, extended)


Pipe (45° elbow)*

Pipe (90° elbow)*

Pipe (blind flange)*

Pipe (cap)*

Pipe (cross)*

Pipe (long, flanged)*

Pipe (long, unflanged)*

Pipe (reducer)*

Pipe (short, unflanged)*

Pipe (tee)*

Pipe (valve, rising stem)*



Pro Traxion (Petzl)*

Prusik (Aztek, floating, blue)

Prusik (Aztek, floating, orange)

Prusik (hanger, yellow)

Prusik (hitch, adjusts)

Prusik (loaded, double, blue)

Prusik (loaded, double, green)

Prusik (loaded, double, red)

Prusik (loaded, long, blue)

Prusik (loaded, long, green)

Prusik (loaded, long, red)

Prusik (loaded, short, blue)

Prusik (loaded, short, green)

Prusik (loaded, short, red)

Prusik (long, orange)

Prusik (loose, double, blue)

Prusik (loose, double, green)

Prusik (loose, double, red)

Prusik (loose, long, green)

Prusik (loose, short, green)

Prusik (short, orange)

Pulley (Aztek, blue w/Prusik)

Pulley (Aztek, blue)

Pulley (Aztek, orange w/Prusik)

Pulley (Aztek, orange)

Pulley (CMC CSR Double)*

Pulley (CMC CSR)*

Pulley (CMC Omni 1.1")

Pulley (CMC Rescue)

Pulley (double, gold)

Pulley (double, red)

Pulley (double, Troll)

Pulley (Exotica Mini double)

Pulley (Exotica Mini)

Pulley (Exotica Omni 1.5" double)

Pulley (Exotica Omni 1.5")

Pulley (Exotica Omni 1.5", edge-view)

Pulley (Exotica Omni 2.0")

Pulley (Exotica Omni 2.6")

Pulley (Exotica PMP 2.0" double)

Pulley (Exotica PMP 2.0")

Pulley (Exotica Rescue)

Pulley (Kootenay Ultra)

Pulley (Kootenay, original)

Pulley (minding, blue)

Pulley (minding, gold)

Pulley (Petzl Roll Cab)*

Pulley (red)

Pulley (SMC 2")

Pulley (swivel)

Pulley (tandem)

Pulley (w/Prusik)

Pulley (w/Prusiks)

Quadra (Heightec)*


Quickdraw (w/carabiner)



Rescucender (older)


RIG (Petzl)

Riggers Winch (Harken)*

Rigging Plate (4 hole)

Rigging Plate (5 hole)

Rigging Plate (8 hole)

Rigging Plate (CMC 5-hole)

Rigging Plate (Exotica, 3 hole)

Rigging Plate (Exotica, 5 hole)

Rigging Plate (Exotica, 5 hole, black)

Rigging Plate (Exotica, 7 hole)

Rigging Plate (Exotica, Bolt)

Ring (bull)

Ring (Omega, Rappel)

Ring (Petzl, Open)*


Rock (pillar)


Rope Bag

Rope Break

Rope Gap

Rope Joiner

Rope Pro (bent)

Rope Pro (straight)

Rope Reel*

Ruler (for Gear Builder)

SAR Rocker




Shackle (quick release)*

Shape (box)

Shape (ellipse)

Shape (line)

Shunt (Petzl)

Siamese (2-way)*

Siamese (3-way)*

Slack Point


Snatch Block (hook)*

Snatch Block (shackle)*

Snowmobile (1)

Snowmobile (2)

Sparrow (CMC, 200)*

Speaker (1 point)*

Speaker (3 point)*

Standpipe (dual)*

Standpipe (single)*

Standpipe, Wall (dual)*

Standpipe, Wall (single)*

Stop (Petzl)*

Swivel (Exotica round large)

Swivel (Exotica round small)

Swivel (jaw)*

Swivel (Petzl, 1)*

Swivel (Petzl, 2)*

Swivel (Petzl, Open)*


The Edge (front)*

The Edge (side)*



Trapeze (man)*

Trapeze (man, side)*

Trapeze (tabs)*

Trapeze (woman)*

Trapeze (woman, side)*

Trapeze (wrapped)*


Tree (2)

Tree (stump 1)

Tree (stump 2)

Tree (tensionless)

Tree (top view, 1)*

Tree (top view, 2)*

Tree (top view, 3)*

Tripod (basic)

Tripod (Quadpod)

Tripod (Vortex)

Troll Pro Allp*

Turnbuckle (eyes)*

Turnbuckle (jaws)*

Valve Handle (fire)*

Vortex (rope pro)*

Wall (block)

Wall (brick)

Water (spray)*


Winch (ActSafe ACC)*

Winch (ActSafe ACX remote)*

Winch (ActSafe ACX)*

Winch (ActSafe PME)*

Winch (Comealong 4T)*

Winch (Fisher F)*

Winch (generic)*

Winch (LokHead, front)*

Winch (LokHead, side view)*

Winch (Paillardet)

Winch (Stagemaker)*