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vRigger 13 Revision History

This page summarizes the enhancements in vRigger version 13.

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Maintenance Release—August 26, 2023

This maintenance release included minor changes to the user interface and improved product stability. This update is free to anyone who owns version 13.

Maintenance Release—May 12, 2023

This maintenance release updated 25 existing pieces of gear and fixed a handful of minor bugs. This update is free to anyone who owns version 13.

February 6, 2023

Version 13 has been released! This upgrade adds a load of new gear and enhancements to help you create rigging systems. This major upgrade is free if you purchased vRigger within the past year.

Additional Gear

More than 50 new pieces of gear were added to version 13. (Items that are only included in the "industry gear kit" are marked with asterisks.)

A-Frame (Vortex, 2)

BD ATC-XT Descender

Beam Clamp (w/carabiner)*

Beam Clamp (w/shackle)*

BD RockLock (twist) Carabiner

Cascade Chairlift Rope Saver*

CMC Omni-Block Double SwivaBiner*

CMC Omni-Block SwivaBiner*

Customizable Arrow

DMM Rigger Becket Pulley*

DMM Rigger Pulley

DMM Triple Attachment Pulley

Firetoys Spreader Bar*

Flaked Rope (long)

Flaked Rope (short)

Harness (top view)

I-Beam (dark)*

Ice Axe

ISC D4 Descender

ISC D5 Descender

ISC Double-Ended Pulley

ISC Rocker*

Petzl Am'D Carabiner (Triact lock)

Petzl Astro Bod Harness*

Petzl Etrier

Petzl Evac

Petzl Fixe Pulley

Petzl JAG (with a carabiner)

Petzl JAG (with a ring)

Petzl Jet Throw-bag*

Petzl Mini Pulley

Petzl Mini Pulley (edge-view)

Petzl Rollclip A (non-locking)*

Petzl Sm'D Carabiner (Triact lock)

Petzl Spin L1 Pulley

Petzl Spin L2 Pulley

Petzl William Carabiner (Triact lock)

Scaffold Knot (See the sample file)

Shackle (side view)


Skylotec Sirius Descender*

Skylotec Milan Winch*

SMC Vector Rigging Plate

TerrAdaptor Bipod*

TerrAdaptor Quadpod*

TerrAdaptor Tripod*

The latest Petzl I'D L

The latest Petzl I'D S

The latest Petzl Rig

Theatrical Cleat* (Learn more)

Theatrical Knot for the Cleat*

Tripod (Vortex, 2)

Tripod (Vortex, 3)

Truss* (Learn more)

VT 4-wrap asym. Prusik (Learn More)

VT 6-wrap asym. Prusik (Learn More)

VT 7-wrap asym. Prusik (Learn More)

Wire Strop* (See the strop sample file)

In addition to the above new items, dozens of existing pieces of gear were updated to improve their appearance and functionality.

*Items marked with an asterisk are included in the "industry gear kit." If you don't own the industry gear kit, you can purchase it for a one-time fee of $69.95.

Program Enhancements

In addition to the new gear, dozens of changes were made to vRigger to help you create rigging illustration. Here are a few of those changes:

You can add arrowheads to the ends of lines.

You can set the styles of lines and the borders around ellipses and rectangles to dotted, dashed, or solid.

More complex systems can now be saved as image files without running out of memory.

A Help button is displayed on the "message bar" when more complex pieces of gear are added to the workspace. Clicking this button will display more information on working on that type of gear (e.g., adjustable prusiks, Absorbicas, ATCs, Aztek components, bowlines, chains, clove hitches, hands, hoses, slack points, tripods, etc).

The number of items that can be on a rope was increased from 30 to 40.

vRigger now detects when it is running on a Mac using Parallels to improve graphic compatibility.

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