vRigger 11 Revision History

This page lists changes to vRigger version 11. The most recent version is 12.

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To learn which version you own, choose "Check for Updates" on RescueRigger's Gear (or Insert) toolbar.

Released December 1, 2019

There was a maintenance release on December 1, 2019 to improve product stability.

Released October 7, 2019

There was a maintenance release on October 7, 2019 to improve product stability.

Released October 1, 2019

More Gear

Version 11 adds 44 new pieces of gear. About half of these are used for rigging and the other half are used to create firefighting illustrations. Most of the new gear is only included in the "industry gear kit." These items are marked with asterisks.

ActSafe ACX Power Ascender*

ActSafe ACX Power Ascender Remote*

Carabiner (Exotica Lanyard, bronze)

Carabiner (Exotica Wireeye, red)


Newer Petzl ASAP (w/biner)*

Newer Petzl ASAP (wo/biner)*

Autoblock Hitch

CMC Kootney Ultra Pulley

Multi-strand Overhand Knot

Petzl Micro Traxion*

Petzl Pro Traxion*

Petzl Rollclip A carabiner*

Petzl Rollclip Z carabiner*

Petzl Swivel Open*

Tandem Prusik Belay Snippet

Newer Petzl Tibloc Ascender

Pulley (AZTEK, blue w/Prusik)

Pulley (AZTEK, orange w/Prusik)

Prusik (AZTEK, floating, blue)

Prusik (AZTEK, floating, orange)

Gear Manager

A new Gear Manager makes it easy to declutter vRigger by specifying which gear you use. For example, if you never use the circus performers or non-locking carabiners you can simply move them to the "don't use" list.

Firefighting Illustrations

Although it may seem a little out of place to create firefighting illustrations in rope rigging software, the core features of vRigger are very well suited to this task. And rather than create a separate product, we are including this in vRigger's "industry gear kit."

(If you won't be creating firefighting illustrations, you can use the new Gear Manager to easily move this gear to your "unused" list.)

Learn more about the firefighting features.

Firefighting Gear

Twenty-three pieces of gear were added to help create firefighting illustrations.

Tee Hose Connector*

X Hose Connector*

Wye Hose Connector*

Fire Engine (top view)*

Firefighter (top view)*

Firefighter w/Nozzle*

Fire Hydrant (red)*

Flames (fire)*


Nozzle (fog)*

Nozzle (smooth bore)*

Siamese (2-way)*

Siamese (3-way)*

Smoke (fire)*

Standpipe (dual)*

Standpipe (single)*

Standpipe, Wall (dual)*

Standpipe, Wall (single)*

Tree (top view, 1)*

Tree (top view, 2)*

Tree (top view, 3)*

Valve Handle (fire)*

Water (spray)*

*Items marked with an asterisk are included in the "industry gear kit." If you don't own the industry gear kit, you can purchase it for a one-time fee of $69.95.

vRigger Learning Center

Version 11 is linked to a new vRigger Learning Center that makes is much easier to find answers to your questions. If you have a question about vRigger, it's very likely you'll find an answer in the Learning Center.

vRigger Learning Center screenshot

New and Updated Videos

Many of the free training videos have been updated. The new videos are now hosted on YouTube.com.

Getting Started

New Gear Manager


Adding—from Gear Finder

Adding—from Gear Panes

Adding—from Toolbar

Rope and Webbing


Rope Angles

Rope Benders

Rope Joiners

Slack Points

More Samples

The following sample files were added to the website to help you design rigging systems.

ASAP Sample File

AZTEK Sample File

CMS CSR Sample File

Tandem Prusik BelaySample File

New Themes

You can choose vRigger's appearance from several new visual themes.

Much More

Hundreds of other changes were made to improve vRigger. Here is a small sampling: