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Free Training Videos

These free training videos are an excellent way to learn how to use vRigger. You may also be interested in the sample rigging files.

If you are considering purchasing vRigger, the videos are a great way to see its capabilities. If you recently purchased vRigger, an hour spent watching these videos will significantly enhance vRigger's value. Even if you are already a vRigger expert, you'll find gems of knowhow throughout these lessons.

These videos may "skip" a little when they first start playing. This will usually go away in less than a minute. If the skipping continues, click the Pause button until the video has been downloaded, and then click Play.

Key Topics (important information everyone should know)

Overview (06:27)

This video displays an overview of the vRigger software. It's a good way to see vRigger's basic features.

Adding gear to the Workspace (05:18)

This lesson shows the three different methods of adding gear to the workspace, including the Gear Finder that was added in version 9.0.

Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Gear (04:40)

This lesson shows how to select, move, connect, and delete gear. It also demonstrates the Undo command. A few of the subtleties include selecting multiple pieces of gear and using the keyboard to move gear.

Sizing and Rotating Gear (03:03)

Learn how to size and rotate gear using either your mouse or the properties pane. This video also demonstrates how to flip gear, as well as how to select and rotate multiple items at once.

Using the Properties Pane (05:24)

Learn how to use the properties pane to change the color, strength, weight, rotation, size, etc. of the selected gear.

Working with Ropes and Knots (07:45)

It makes sense that this is one of the longer video lessons, because ropes are the heart of rigging. This video covers the basics, such as connecting rope and webbing to knots and gear, but it also covers a multitude of meaty topics, such as slack points, rope benders, rope joiners, anchor straps, runners, and much more.

Zooming, Scrolling, and Snapping (04:18)

Zoom using the commands on the View tab, change scaling using shortcut keys, scroll the workspace with your mouse, and snap gear to the graph-paper-like grid.

Optional Topics (important information if you use these commands)

Shortcut Menus (01:21)

This video shows how to right-click within vRigger to access shortcut menus. (This topic is also covered in the Overview video.)

Drawing Order and the Selection Pane (03:39)

This video explains how to use the "arrange" commands to control if gear is drawn in front of, or behind, other gear. It also explains the "selection" pane.

Using the Clipboard (03:35)

Learn how to use vRigger's clipboard to duplicate gear that is on your screen, copy gear between rigging systems, and put your systems in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

Working with Snippets (02:19)

Snippets allow you to quickly add several pieces of gear to the workspace at one time. They're a great time-saver if you frequently find yourself building the same portions of a rigging system.

Customizing the Gear Panes (02:42)

This lesson shows how you can remove gear from the gear panes. Never use a winch? Remove it! Never use a man on a trapeze? Remove him!

Locking Objects (01:39)

The Lock command locks an item so it doesn't interact with your mouse. Watch this short video to learn more.

Inserting Images (03:05)

The Insert Picture command lets you insert your own images into vRigger. This is helpful when you want a background behind your rigging system or when you want to quickly add a foreground image. This video explains numerous tips including how to make portions of the image transparent and how to connect ropes to your images.

Customizing the Interface (05:12)

Customize the vRigger user interface to serve you! Learn the intricacies of rearranging the gear and properties panes, how to add your own commands to the quick access toolbar, customize the keyboard commands, and change the color scheme.

Working with Chains (06:37)

Learn how to use vRigger's rigid and flexible chain in your systems. The flexible chains are as powerful as ropes, yet a little more complicated. This video will have you mastering chains in about six minutes.

Working with Text (02:37)

Learn how to add text and symbols to annotate your rigging system.

Advanced Topics

Calculating Forces (09:11)

Learn how to calculate forces and the intricacies of friction, rope angles, and safety factors.

Creating Custom Gear (12:37)

This video explains how to add your own gear to vRigger. Adding gear is a little more complex than other tasks in vRigger, and as such, this video is a little longer than the other videos.

(Note that you will need image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, to edit the gear's image. You can learn about that step here.)