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Running vRigger on a Mac

vRigger requires the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you want to run vRigger on a Macintosh computer, you will need to install the Windows operating system on your Mac. This can be done various ways, including using a program named Parallels. You can then run any Windows program on your Mac.

The instructions on this page provide general instructions on installing Parallels, Microsoft Windows, and vRigger on your Mac. Installing Parallels and Windows isn't overly complex, but it isn't easy. For additional assistance, please visit Parallels.com.

Parallels allows you to run Windows on your Mac. It's a bit complicated to setup, but it is very cool to be able to run any program on your Apple computer.

Purchase Microsoft Windows

Parallels does not include a Windows license, so you'll need to purchase Microsoft Windows. When you purchase Windows you'll receive a DVD (or a downloadable "iso" file) and a product key. You can purchase Windows from Microsoft.com and from many online stores.

Purchase Parallels

Purchase Parallels from Parallels.com. This is the software that lets your Macintosh computer run both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. If you need help with the Parallels software, please visit the Parallels support page.

Install Parallels

Download and install Parallels on your Mac.

Install Windows

After installing Parallels, you'll be prompted to install Windows from a DVD or image file (an "image file" has the file extension "iso"). Select the DVD or image file to install Microsoft Windows.

Test Windows

You should confirm that Windows is working on your Mac before you purchase vRigger. (We'll certainly refund your money if you are unable to run vRigger on your Mac.)

  1. Click the Parallels Desktop icon to launch Parallels.
  2. Open a browser in Windows.
  3. Navigate to vRigger.com to ensure that you have access to the internet.
Purchase vRigger

When displaying vRigger.com from within Windows (step #5), click the Ordering link and then purchase vRigger.

Follow the downloading instructions that are displayed immediately after placing your order. You'll be prompted to enter your vRigger license key during this process. After entering your license key, you'll be prompted to check for, and to download, the rigging gear.

Get Additional Help

If you need additional help with Parallels or Microsoft Windows, please visit Parallels' support page.

For help with vRigger, please visit vRigger's support page.