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To reinstall vRigger, download the program and enter your license key. Contact us if you need a replacement key or if vRigger reports that it has been installed the maximum number of times.

Moving to a new computer

If you still have your old computer, you should unlicense vRigger so you can reuse your license key. If you don't have your old computer, contact us for a replacement license key.

Getting more gear

vRigger version 10.2 includes 350 pieces of rigging gear. You can purchase 94 additional items that are used in the industrial, rope access, and theatrical industries. Learn more about the "industry gear kit."

Missing Gear

When you first run vRigger, it downloads the most recent gear. If your firewall blocks this process, you will only have a dozen or so pieces of gear. Learn how to reinstall the gear.


If you own an older version of vRigger, learn how upgrade to version 10.2.  If you already own version 10.2, choose Check for Updates from the Insert tab to see if there is an update (or you can manually download the latest version).

System Requirements

vRigger requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later (vRigger is optimized for Windows 10). Although vRigger requires Windows, Mac owners can use a program named Parallels to run vRigger on a Mac.

Training Resources

Get the most out of your investment by watching vRigger's free training videos and downloading the sample rigging files. Visit RopeRescueTraining.com to see dozens of illustrations that were created using vRigger.

Contact Us

If you have a question about using vRigger, please first press F1 from within vRigger and search the help system. If you can't find an answer there, feel free to contact us. (You may also want to watch the free training videos.)