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Industry gear kit

The basic vRigger program comes with 352 pieces of rigging gear. This includes the gear you'll need for most rigging and all of the rescue-specific gear. You can purchase additional gear that is used for industrial, rope access, and theatrical rigging, and that lets you create top-view firefighting illustrations, for an additional $69.95. This adds 134 items and brings the total to 486 (see all the gear). If you already own vRigger, you can purchase the industry gear kit.

Your license key controls which gear is available. If you already own vRigger, you can purchase the additional gear here.

You can also create your own gear and use it in vRigger.


The industrial gear adds items that are commonly used in industrial settings. This includes anchor bolts, eyes, hoists, hooks, pipes, shackles, turnbuckles, winches, etc.

Rope Access

The rope access gear adds items that are commonly used in a variety of rope access applications. This includes shock absorbers, anchor bolts, ascenders, descent control devices, eyes, chainsaws, chairlifts, tactical men, etc.


The theatrical gear adds items that are used in circus, stage, and theatrical rigging. This includes circus performers and other theatrical-specific loads, such as speakers.


Unlike the other gear in vRigger, the firefighting items let you create top-view firefighting illustrations rather than rigging systems (although you can certainly combine the firefighting items with rigging gear). Learn more about the firefighting illustrations.