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vRigger 10.2 Revision History

This page lists enhancements to vRigger version 10.2. These are in addition to the hundreds of changes that were made to version 10 and version 10.1.

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To learn which version you own, choose "Check for Updates" on vRigger's Gear (or Insert) toolbar.

Version 10.2 - New Features (April 17, 2017)

Version 10.2 includes the following changes and 12 new pieces of gear.

  • Three new rope and webbing colors were added:
    • Gray (light)
    • Blue (light)
    • Salmon
  • When selecting the color of rope and webbing in the properties pane, colored samples of the rope or webbing are now displayed.
  • Support for Windows XT has been discontinued. vRigger now requires Windows 7 or newer.
  • The Gear Builder's Graphics now allows you to specify the gear size in centimeters (in addition to inches).
  • Several dozen additional changes were made throughout vRigger to improve the user experience.

Version 10.2 New Gear

The following gear was added to vRigger version 10.2:

Knot (F8 multi-loop). Download this sample file to learn how to use this somewhat complicated knot.

Man (top view, blue).

Man (top view, red).

Prusik (hitch, adjusts) snippet. This new snippet quickly creates a Prusik hitch with a variable-length loop.

Pulley (CMC CSR). A new "CMC CSR System" snippet (not show) quickly creates a reeving system using the CSR pulleys.

Pulley (CMC CSR Double).

Pulley (CMC Omni 1.1").

Pulley (CMC Rescue).

Pulley (Exotica Omni 2.6").

Rigging Plate (CMC 5-hole).

Ring (Petzl, Open).

SAR Rocker.

Sparrow (CMC, 200).