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vRigger 10 Revision History

This page lists changes to vRigger version 10. This version was replaced with version 10.1.

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To learn which version you own, choose "Check for Updates" on vRigger's Insert tab.

Version 10.0 - Update (May 1, 2015)

A free update was issued today that improves product stability.

This was the last release of version 10.0. See the version 10.1 revision history for newer versions.

Version 10.0 - Update (April 6, 2015)

A free update was issued today. This version has several changes that improve usability (e.g., rope dots and slack points are hidden when dragging rope benders) and that improve product stability. This update is free to all customers who own version 10. The most recent gear was released January 6, 2015.

Version 10.0 - Update (March 22, 2015)

A free update was issued today that improves product stability.

Version 10.0 - Update (March 13, 2015)

A free update was issued today that simplifies the downloading and installing of program updates. It also includes a dozen smaller improvements.

Version 10.0 - Major Upgrade (January 25, 2015)

vRigger version 10 is a major upgrade that includes dozens of new features and more than 30 new pieces of gear (depending on which gear industries you licensed). This page explains many of the enhancements.

Drawing Order

Arrange commandsVersion 10 allows you to move gear in front of, or behind, other gear. You can change the order from the Home tab on the Ribbon or using the new "selection pane."

Video Watch this video to learn how to arrange gear and use the selection pane. 

Insert Pictures

Version 10 makes it easy to Insert Picturequickly insert a picture. This is convenient when you want a background image (such as this industrial site) or when you want to quickly insert a simple item like a truck. (Of course, you can always use the Gear Builder to create more complex items that can connect to other gear.)

Video Watch this video for tips on inserting pictures.


Lock Gear

image lockingVersion 10 lets you "lock" gear on the workspace. When gear is locked, a small padlock appears in the center of the gear. All interaction with that item (e.g., mouse clicks) is then ignored. This is very helpful after using the new Insert Picture command to insert a background image.

Video Watch this video for more information on locking gear.

Updated Gear Builder

custom force labelsA new panel was added to the Forces page of the Gear Builder that lets you control the force labels that are displayed next to the gear.

You now drag the force labels inside of the Gear Builder to specify the label's location. This allows you to display the force label near the top of a tripod or in the center of a load, and it allowed us to add load cells to vRigger. (More than 60 pieces of gear in vRigger now use this new feature to control the location where the force labels are displayed.)

New Gear in Version 10

Version 10 added 34 new pieces of gear.

Added a backpack. The backpack is helpful when creating cravasse rescue systems.


Added an overhand bight with an adjustable loop. The "overhand" sample file shows how to change the size of the loop.

Overhand knot (adjustable)

Added an overhand (safety) knot. (You can also use one of the barrel knots as safety knots.)

Overhand Safety knot

Added a Pulley (w/Prusik) that has one Prusik. (As with previous versions of vRigger, there is also a pulley with two Prusiks.)

Added a Prusik hitch with an adjustable loop. The "Adjustable Prusik Hitch" sample file shows how to change the size of the Prusik's loop.

Prusik (adjustable)

Added four more Prusik hitches. (vRigger now includes more than 15 different Prusik hitches.)

Prusiks added to version 10

Added an interlocking bowline snippet that allows you to quickly add interlocking bowlines to your workspace. The "Interlocking Bowlines" sample file explains how to create the interlocking bowlines.

Interlocking bowlines

Added four "silhouette" men. The "Silhouette Men" sample file provides tips on using the silhouette men. These men are helpful when creating simplified illustrations.

men (silhouettes)

Added an MSR snow picket.

MSR snow picket

Added a Safety Tec Duck ascender. The Duck ascender is only available when vRigger is licensed for the optional industry gear kit.

Safety Tech Duck

Added a Petzl TIBLOCK ascender.

Petzl tibloc

Added a clove hitch. (This clove hitch is designed to connect to carabiners. If you need to tie a clove hitch around something larger, like a post, use "slack points" to position the rope. This video explains slack points in detail.)

clove hitch

Added eight AustriAlpin carabiners. (These carabiners are not displayed in the gear panes by default. This video shows how you can select which gear is displayed in the gear panes.)

AustriAlpin carabiners

Added a Petzl Roll Cab. The Roll Cab is a cable trolley that is commonly used during chairlift evacuation. The Roll Cab is only available when vRigger is licensed for the optional industry gear kit.

Petzl Roll Cab pulley

Added a CMC Enforcer load cell. If you calculate forces in vRigger, the Enforcer will automatically display the forces (in either pounds, kilograms, or kilonewtons).

CMC Enforcer (load cell)

Added a generic load cell. As with the CMC Enforcer, this load cell displays forces.

generic load cell

Added a Goblin fall-arrester. The Goblin is only available when vRigger is licensed for the optional industry gear kit.


Added four new CMC MPDs (i.e., the 11mm and 13mm models in both raising and lowering configurations). The "MPD" sample file shows how to use the MPDs.

Added an overhand knot for webbing with an adjustable loop.

overhand knot (webbing)

Sample Files

Added 15 new sample rigging files. These files provide tips and tricks that are helpful when using vRigger's gear.

New Message Bar

A new message bar is now displayed above the vRigger workspace. The message bar displays helpful information as you work within vRigger.

message bar

More Changes

Hundreds of other changes were made to vRigger. Here are a few:

  • Added a new "Reverse Rope Routing" option to the Home tab and the Properties pane. This swaps the rope's entry and exit locations.
  • You now can save the workspace as a tif file (in addition to the image formats that were added to version 9.0).
  • A new program option was added that allows non-opening gear to connect—try it.
  • You can now rotate gear from any of the four corners (rather than the single "blue rotation handle").
  • The gear rotates 20 times faster than previous versions.
  • When multiple pieces of gear are selected, you can now rotate the gear using a Microsoft Word-like "rotator on a stick." A program option allows you to display this rotator when a single item is selected.
  • You can now rotate slack points, rope joiners, and the dots at the end of webbing to control the "twist" in webbing.
  • Numerous Photoshop-compatible hot keys were added.
  • Pressing the Control key and rolling the mouse wheel now changes the zooming. Pressing the Shift key and rolling the mouse wheel now scrolls horizontally.