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Downloading an Older Version

Follow these steps to download and install an older version of vRigger (version 7.0 and earlier were named "RescueRigger"). Click here to install version 10.2.

Limited support is provided for these older versions. Click here to learn how to upgrade to version 10.2.


Use one of these links to download an older version of vRigger.


When the File Download box appears, click Open or Run.


Follow the on-screen instructions to install the vRigger program.


The first time you run the software, you will be prompted for your license key. If you misplaced your license key, please contact us for a replacement key.


After entering your license key you will be prompted to check for updated gear. Choose OK to download the second setup program which installs additional gear (or you can manually download the gear using one of the above links).